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Street artists, casinos leverage retro gaming icons to draw audiences


Plus: Australian casino bankrolls local graffiti artist for 49-meter mural

Mario. Mega Man. Pac-Man. Link. The aliens from Space Invaders. Video games have long been a gold mine for numerous stencil graffiti artists looking to draw attention to their art.

It’s not that hard to imagine why a graffiti artist would choose to do these pieces, which some refer to as geek graffiti, seeing as how iconic video game characters already have a built-in fanbase and are sure to draw attention from even the most casual passerby. Plus, if executed correctly, they just look pretty damn cool. Urban geek chic, if you will.

One of the more prolific video game graffiti artists in recent years is Toronto-based gameboyone, who has put up pieces featuring 8-bit depictions of classic gaming icons.

“I’ve always been a huge video game fan and I decided that instead of doing traditional lettering I’d like to try doing pixelized characters instead – I love the old school aesthetic,” she told hobby blog A Little Bit on the Awesome Side. “That’s what I’ve been doing ever since!”

The instant recognition and sense of nostalgia evoked by images as iconic as those from classic video games are also being leveraged by other groups outside of the street art scene.

International Game Technology, the company behind most of the digital casino games at Betfair Casino as well as a majority of the non-digital slot machines in the world, is turning to the arcade classic Centipede to hopefully catch the eye of nostalgic gamers.

The company has even incorporated an element of skill into what is otherwise a game of pure luck: the game converts points earned shooting digital insects directly into money, so the better the shooter the more they win.

The use of video games is not the only commonality between the casino industry and the street art scene, though. Over in Australia, one of the brightest bastions of graffiti in the world, casinos are finally starting to take notice of the skill and artistry that a graffiti artist can bring to the table.

This can be best illustrated – quite literally, in fact – by Adrian Doyle, founder of the street art gallery Blender. Last year, Doyle was commissioned by Crown Casino Melbourne to paint a mural. The result is “The Wall”, a 49-meter-long work that mixes different street art styles.

"I was trying to come up with a mural that blurs the borders between fine art and street art,’’ the artist explains. “It'll probably be hated by [fans of] both. That will mean I've nailed it."

Nazza Stencil News

Its a pleasure to share news of a powerful new work from Nazza Stencil in Argentina…

Stencil in the House of Militancy – H.I.J.O.S. (SONS), in ESMA EX memory space and human rights.

H.I.J.O.S. = Sons and Daughters for Identity and Justice Against Forgetting and Silence.

Grouping the sons of the disappeared

Space Memory and Human Rights established at the site where the School of Naval Mechanics (ESMA) worked during the civil-military dictatorship (1976-1983) as one of the iconic secret prisons, torture and extermination, in which were missing about five thousand people.

In the work space a set of institutions whose basic objectives memory preserve, promote and defend human rights and to witness the crimes against humanity committed during the state terrorism.

Human Rights Organizations Board members

Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo | Permanent Assembly for Human Rights-APDH | Mothers of Plaza de Mayo | Good Memory Association | Center for Legal and Social-CELS | Relatives of the Disappeared and Detained for Political Reasons | Social and Historical Memory Foundation |  H.I.J.O.S. = Sons and Daughters for Identity and Justice Against Forgetting and Silence. | Herman ‘s Missing for Truth and Justice | Argentina League for Human Rights-LADH | Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Founding Line | Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights-MEDH | Peace and Justice Service-SERPAJ

Nazza Stencil travels in Brazil

Nazza Stencil from Buenos Aires sent me a great report of the work he has been doing on his travels in Brazil…

(Native women – woman originally)

(pretty woman is who struggles) Santa Teresa -RJ

MULHER // São Paulo – Brazil (2012)
“Behind every great man is a woman.” Frequent tribute dubious praise: it reduces women to the status of chair back. The traditional role: the woman is devoted daughter, devoted wife, mother sacrificed, widow correct. She obeys, decorate, comfort and quiet. In the official history, the faithful shadow deserves only silence. At best, it gives an occasional mention of the ladies of the heroes. But the real story, another woman looks out through the bars of the cage. Sometimes, there is no choice but to acknowledge its existence. This is the case of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, which she herself could have been avoided so high and disturbing talent, or Manuela Saez and his brilliant life. But that if: NOTHING IS SAID OF THE CAPTAIN BLACK WOMAN OR INDIAN WOMAN JOLTED  BEATEN COLONIAL TROOPS BEFORE THE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE . HONORABLE THAN IN THIS ACT OF SILENCE, JAMAICA HAS RECOGNIZED AS A NANNY NATIONAL HEROINE: NANNY, THE SLAVE BRAVIA, HALF WOMAN AND HALF GODDESS, WANTING TO FREEDOM LED LOS CIMARRONES WINDWARD AND HUMILIATED THE ENGLISH ARMY, TWO CENTURIES AGO AND etc..




(I discovered that my gun is what the memory save)

I have the body full of questions and certainties.
talk to all the body and not just with words.
Put the body, put life.

Thanks to Nazza stencil for his words and pictures…

Chris Stain Book Launch in NYC

Chris Stain who was featured in the book Stencil Graffiti has his new book, Long Short Story, will be launched at the Wooster St. Social Club, site of the television show NY Ink, on March 14th from 8-11pm. Long Short Story is being published by Drago. Drago describes the launch as a “book launch/art show/printmaking/music/food/lecture event extravaganza,” and the art exhibit accompanying the launch will stay up for two weeks.

Sr. X + Spidertag collaboration

Sr. X + Spidertag just informed me of this new great video of their collaborative work made in Gijón, Asturies (SPAIN), January 2012. These artists are new to the site so a welcome addition here…

Se Me Va…. from SPIDERTAG on Vimeo.

“Joy of Stenciling” Art Show

“Joy of Stenciling” Art Show opening Friday March 2 at Black Book Gallery in Denver, Colorado USA
Denver artist, Ian Millard will be exhibiting “The Joy of Stenciling” at Black Book Gallery for the month of March. “The Joy of Stenciling” takes on a distinct Americana identity, with images depicting vintage food items and products. For this new body of work, Millard used over 200 hand-cut stencils and spray paint to create over 30 photo-realistic works. Ian has been perfecting stencils for many years and this exhibit reveals his devotion and abilities – many of the pieces in the show required over 1,000 handmade cuts to complete. Join us on March 2nd, 2012 at 6pm for a mind blowing display of hard work and nostalgia.

Ian Millard
The Joy of Stenciling
Opening Reception:
March 2nd 6pm -12
Exhibit runs Mar. 2nd – 30th.

Black Book Gallery
555 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO USA

M-city @ Traffiic Gallery

Traffic Gallery have just announced news of “Back to School” – a solo show by Polish artist MARIUSZ WARAS aka m-city at Traffic Gallery | Friday 9 March | time 19.00-21.30
[9 March – 3 May 2012]

From the press release:

“M-City has a mathematical approach to the stencil through his depiction of the city and futuristic buildings, which does not restrict his imagination and makes him one of the most talented stencil artists of his generation. The Polish muralist already painted many huge murals during his trip: airships, train engines, paddle steamers, all as powerful as if they were out of a Fritz Lang movie. His canvases are equally powerful, and we can’t wait to see this next exhibition in Italy.”

Text by Pénélope Rivière for GraffitiArtMagazine # 14 (p.126) – Paris

In 2008 he was invited by the famous English Stenciler Banksy at Cans Festival in London, and later that year included by the international street art expert Tristan Manco into the official list of the world’s most important artists of the stencil-graffiti scene.

2012 Website revamp

2012 marks the 10th anniversary of Stencilgraffiti.com. First created in 2002 as a companion to the release of the book ‘Stencil Graffiti’ by Tristan Manco, this site has since then acted as a hub for all things related to the world of stencil art with regularly updated resource links to artists, exhibitions, festivals, education and research in this field.

To celebrate this tenth anniversary of the website is now in the process of being revamped with more up-to-date content, news and galleries. More posts to come – stay tuned!

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