showcard Stencil Graffiti (Street Graphics / Street Art) by Tristan Manco is published by Thames and Hudson and is available now!
First published in 2002 Stencil Graffiti has become a classic reference book of this genre.

The book showcases over 400 examples of contemporary stencilled works from across the globe, their innovation and vitality achieved with new materials, methods and approaches.

“Street art is both an expression of our culture and a counterculture in itself. ‘Communication’ has become a modern mantra: the city streets shout with billboards, fly posters and corporate advertising, all vying for our attention. They almost invite a subversive response. As high-tech communications have increased, a low-tech reaction has been the recent explosion in street art.”

This website is a companion to the book with photographs, links, and information about stencil art in cities across the globe.